Holy City Hosting and Design

Holy City Hosting and Design is a US-based company born and raised in the heart of Charleston, South Carolina; Otherwise known as The Holy City for it’s vast skyline of church steeples. Our goal is simple: Let’s make money doing what we love. Do you enjoy hunting syntax errors? Does browser compatibility get your motor running? Do you enjoy the sensation of your eye balls dry, and burning in your skull after a full night of staring into walls of CSS stylesheets? Didn’t think so! But we love it! We love it so much that we will do anything to keep doing it for a living, which means we have no qualms with offering the lowest prices possible.

The reason we’re able to offer such low prices is simply because we love what we do! Anything you need is something that we’ve done many times before so you aren’t paying us to learn, you’re paying us to do. You won’t be dealing with any middlemen either–this is straight from the developer to you. We have several connections that we’ve established over the years and because of that we’re able to offer you extremely competitive hosting fees for your website. The same goes for domain name registrations. We get to work fast, in fact so fast that we will guarantee that you’ll have something to show in the same day as your first consultation after payment.

Chris White

Founder / Senior Developer

I am the founder of Holy City Hosting and Design, one of the most beloved web design firms in Charleston, South Carolina. I also built and maintain the Charleston Design and Technology blog. For over a decade I’ve been building incredible websites for my incredible clients. The most important thing that I’ve learned over the years is the importance of establishing good relationships over the importance of getting paid. I’m not here to make a quick buck, I’m here to help.

At Holy City Hosting and Design we are focused on making web design and website maintenance not only affordable, but simple. We offer a number of packages that are each tailored to suit your needs, whether you’re simply wanting to start a personal blog, a website for your restaurant or small business, or need help improving your current website. All packages come with a plethora of options! Whether you would like us to maintain your site’s content, build on your search engine optimization, work with you on internet marketing solutions, or build your custom website and then hand the controls over to you. Our mission is to provide a quality service at the lowest price possible to save you time, money, and the steep learning curve of learning to design and maintain a website yourself.