Exploring the Best Restaurants Charleston, SC Has to Offer in 2023


Welcome to a culinary journey through Charleston, South Carolina, a city where every bite tells a story, and every dish sings a song of the South. This historic city, nestled on the coast, is not just a haven for history buffs but a paradise for food lovers. Here, the phrase “best restaurants Charleston” isn’t just a casual query; it’s an exploration into a world where flavors intertwine with culture, and dining is an experience, not just a meal.

Charleston’s dining scene is a tapestry of old and new, where traditional Southern fare meets innovative culinary techniques. It’s a place where every restaurant has a tale, every chef is a storyteller, and every plate is a canvas of local ingredients painted with global influences. From the cobblestone streets of the historic district to the sandy shores of its beaches, Charleston invites you on a gastronomic adventure that promises to tantalize your taste buds and leave you yearning for more.

In this article, we embark on a quest to uncover the best restaurants Charleston has to offer. We’ll dive into the heart of Southern cooking, explore the farm-to-table movement that’s thriving in the city, savor the freshest seafood right off the coast, and discover how international flavors are weaving their way into Charleston’s culinary fabric. Whether you’re a local foodie or a traveler with a penchant for good food, this guide will lead you to the places where Charleston’s heart truly beats – its restaurants.

Historical Influence on Charleston’s Cuisine

Charleston’s cuisine is a story that began centuries ago, a narrative deeply rooted in its history and culture. The city’s culinary identity has been shaped by a variety of influences, from Native American to African, French to English, each adding its unique flavor to the melting pot. This rich tapestry of influences has given birth to a distinctive culinary style that is quintessentially Charleston.

Southern and Coastal Influences

The heart of Charleston’s cuisine lies in its Southern roots. Think comfort food, but with a sophistication that only Charleston can offer. Dishes like shrimp and grits, she-crab soup, and fried green tomatoes are not just food; they’re a homage to the city’s history and traditions. The proximity to the Atlantic Ocean brings a bounty of fresh seafood, making it a staple in Charleston’s culinary landscape. The city’s love affair with seafood is evident in its preparation of dishes like Lowcountry boil, oysters Rockefeller, and crab cakes, each telling a story of the sea.

Evolution of Charleston’s Food Scene

While Charleston honors its culinary traditions, it’s not a city that’s stuck in the past. The food scene here is ever-evolving, with chefs and restaurateurs blending old-world techniques with new-world innovations. This evolution is part of what makes dining in Charleston exciting. You’ll find restaurants housed in buildings steeped in history, serving dishes that are a nod to the past but with a contemporary twist. It’s this blend of the old and the new, the traditional and the modern, that sets Charleston’s food scene apart.

As we delve deeper into the best restaurants Charleston has to offer, keep in mind that each one is a chapter in the city’s ongoing culinary story, a story that’s as rich and flavorful as the dishes they serve.

Farm-to-Table Movement in Charleston

In Charleston, the farm-to-table movement is not just a trend; it’s a testament to the city’s deep respect for its land and the bounty it provides. This movement, rooted in the use of locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, has transformed Charleston’s dining scene, bringing to the forefront a freshness and quality that is palpable in every dish.

Emphasis on Local Sourcing and Seasonal Menus

Charleston’s chefs are not just cooks; they are curators of the region’s best produce, meats, and seafood. They forge relationships with local farmers, fishermen, and artisans, ensuring that what you get on your plate is not only fresh but also supports the local economy. This commitment to local sourcing means menus change with the seasons, offering diners an ever-evolving palette of flavors and textures, each reflecting the essence of the region at that particular time of year.

Spotlight: Husk – Showcasing Southern Ingredients

At the heart of Charleston’s farm-to-table scene is Husk, a restaurant that has become synonymous with Southern cooking. Husk’s philosophy is simple: if it doesn’t come from the South, it’s not coming through the door. Here, Chef Sean Brock and his team create dishes that are deeply rooted in Southern tradition but presented with a modern twist. The menu is a daily testament to the riches of the local harvest. A standout dish, the Husk Cheeseburger, is an ode to classic American comfort food, elevated by locally sourced beef and homemade pickles. The Shrimp and Grits, another signature dish, features fresh, local shrimp served over creamy grits, a dish that’s both humble and luxurious.

Charleston’s farm-to-table movement is more than just a culinary approach; it’s a celebration of the region’s agricultural heritage, a tribute to its farmers and producers, and a gift to those who dine in the city. As you explore the best restaurants Charleston has to offer, the farm-to-table ethos is a thread that you’ll find woven throughout, adding depth, flavor, and meaning to every meal.

Seafood Specialties in Charleston

Charleston’s location along the Atlantic coast is a blessing for seafood lovers. The city’s waters teem with a variety of fish and shellfish, making seafood an integral part of Charleston’s culinary identity. Here, seafood is not just a dish; it’s a cultural experience, deeply ingrained in the city’s soul.

Importance of Seafood in Charleston’s Culinary Identity

The abundance of fresh seafood has shaped the way Charlestonians eat and cook. From casual beach shacks serving up fried fish to upscale restaurants offering elegant seafood platters, the city’s love for ocean bounty is evident. Local specialties like Lowcountry boil, a one-pot wonder of shrimp, sausage, corn, and potatoes, and she-crab soup, a creamy bisque made with crab meat and roe, are not just meals but a part of Charleston’s culinary heritage.

Highlight: The Ordinary – Famous for Oysters and Seafood Towers

A standout among Charleston’s seafood restaurants is The Ordinary. Housed in a beautifully restored bank building, The Ordinary is anything but ordinary. It’s a place where the city’s seafood tradition is both preserved and reimagined. The menu, focused on sustainable and locally sourced seafood, features an array of exquisite dishes. The oysters, sourced from the waters around Charleston, are a must-try, served raw, smoked, or baked. The seafood towers, brimming with the freshest catch, are a feast for both the eyes and the palate. The Ordinary is not just a restaurant; it’s a celebration of Charleston’s love affair with the sea.

In Charleston, seafood is more than just a part of the menu; it’s a part of the city’s story. Each dish you taste is a chapter of a tale that spans the coastline, a tale of tradition, freshness, and flavor that makes the best restaurants Charleston has to offer an unforgettable experience.

Fine Dining and Upscale Eateries

Charleston’s culinary landscape is not just about traditional Southern cooking or fresh seafood; it’s also home to an array of fine dining and upscale eateries that offer an exquisite gastronomic experience. These establishments blend elegance with culinary artistry, creating an ambiance and flavor profile that is uniquely Charleston.

Charleston’s Take on Luxury Dining Experiences

In these upscale settings, dining is more than just eating; it’s an event. The attention to detail in every aspect, from the meticulously curated decor to the impeccable service, sets the stage for an unforgettable experience. Chefs in these restaurants are akin to artists, using their plates as canvases to create beautiful, delicious masterpieces. The use of high-quality ingredients, often locally sourced, ensures that each dish not only tastes exquisite but also tells a story of Charleston’s rich culinary heritage.

Spotlight: Charleston Grill – Known for Its Crab Cakes and Live Jazz

A shining example of fine dining in Charleston is the Charleston Grill. Nestled in the heart of the city, this restaurant epitomizes elegance and sophistication. The menu is a blend of local Southern flavors and international cuisine, offering something to satisfy every palate. Their crab cakes are a must-try, renowned for their perfect texture and flavor balance. But what truly sets Charleston Grill apart is its ambiance, particularly the live jazz that fills the air, creating a dining experience that’s both luxurious and intimate.

These upscale dining establishments in Charleston are not just about food; they are about creating memories. They offer a culinary journey that goes beyond the palate, making them an essential part of the “best restaurants Charleston” experience. As you indulge in these fine dining experiences, you’re not just enjoying a meal; you’re partaking in a piece of Charleston’s culinary artistry.

Cultural Fusion and International Flavors

Charleston’s dining scene is a vibrant mosaic of global influences, where chefs blend international flavors with traditional Southern fare, creating a unique culinary fusion. This cultural amalgamation has given rise to a diverse range of restaurants, each offering a distinct twist on both local and international cuisine.

How Global Influences Shape Charleston’s Dining Scene

The city’s historical port status has long made it a melting pot of cultures, and this is reflected in its food. In Charleston, you can embark on a global culinary journey, from the spicy aromas of Asian cuisine to the bold flavors of Mediterranean dishes, all while experiencing the warm hospitality that the South is known for. This fusion is not just about combining different cuisines; it’s about creating something new and exciting, something that can only be found in Charleston.

Feature: Xiao Bao Biscuit – Asian Soul Food Fusion

A standout example of this cultural fusion is Xiao Bao Biscuit, set in a converted gas station, where the atmosphere is as eclectic as the menu. Here, Asian cuisine meets Southern comfort, resulting in dishes that are both familiar and entirely new. The Okonomiyaki, a Japanese-style savory pancake, is a crowd favorite, customized with local ingredients like shrimp or bacon. Each dish at Xiao Bao Biscuit tells a story of cultural harmony, showcasing how diverse flavors can come together to create something truly extraordinary.

In Charleston, these fusion restaurants are not just places to eat; they are places to experience the world through food. They break down culinary boundaries, offering a taste of different cultures, all while maintaining a distinct Charleston charm. As you explore the best restaurants Charleston has to offer, let yourself be taken on a journey of flavors that spans continents, right from the heart of the South.

Cozy Cafes and Casual Eats

Amidst the fine dining and fusion restaurants, Charleston’s cozy cafes and casual eateries hold a charm of their own. These spots offer a relaxed atmosphere where comfort food and heartwarming conversations come together, creating a delightful dining experience.

Exploring Charleston’s More Relaxed Dining Spots

These cafes and casual restaurants are the city’s hidden gems, offering a more laid-back approach to dining without compromising on taste or quality. They are perfect for leisurely brunches, quick bites, or a cup of coffee accompanied by freshly baked pastries. The ambiance in these places often reflects Charleston’s warm and welcoming spirit, making them ideal spots to unwind and savor the simpler pleasures of life.

Example: Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit – A Must-Visit for Biscuit Lovers

A shining example of this casual charm is Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit. This eatery has turned the humble biscuit into a culinary sensation. Here, biscuits are not just a side dish; they are the star of the show, served warm and buttery, with a variety of fillings from spicy pimento cheese to sweet blackberry jam. Callie’s embodies the essence of Southern comfort food, served in a space that feels like home. It’s a place where locals and visitors alike gather to enjoy the simple yet satisfying pleasure of a well-made biscuit.

Charleston’s cozy cafes and casual eateries add another layer to the city’s diverse culinary landscape. They remind us that sometimes, the best dining experiences are found not in the grandeur of fine dining but in the simple, heartwarming flavors of a local cafe. As you explore the best restaurants Charleston has to offer, make sure to include these charming spots on your culinary journey.


Our gastronomic journey through Charleston, SC, reveals a city where every meal is a celebration, every dish has a story, and every flavor leaves a lasting impression. From the historical influences that have shaped its traditional Southern cuisine to the innovative farm-to-table movement, from the fresh bounty of the sea to the exquisite fine dining experiences, and from the cultural fusion of international flavors to the comforting embrace of cozy cafes, Charleston is a city that truly delights the palate.

The best restaurants in Charleston are not just about food; they are about experiences. They are places where history, culture, and creativity converge on a plate, offering a taste of something genuinely unique. Whether it’s the rustic charm of a farm-to-table eatery, the elegance of a fine dining establishment, the exotic allure of a fusion restaurant, or the simple pleasure of a biscuit from a local cafe, Charleston’s culinary scene is as diverse as it is delicious.

As you leave the cobblestone streets and the warm Southern hospitality behind, you carry with you not just memories of great meals, but an appreciation for a city where cuisine is a way of life. Charleston, with its rich culinary heritage and its embrace of new flavors and ideas, stands out as a beacon for food lovers everywhere. It’s a city where every visit can become a culinary adventure, and where the phrase “best restaurants Charleston” means embarking on a journey of discovery, one mouthwatering dish at a time.