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WordPress security hardening to keep your site and your viewers safe.

Update Your Website's Software!

It’s absolutely vital to keep all of the software on your site updated to the most recent version. Updating your site is your first line of defense against hackers and instability. This not only includes the WordPress core itself, but also all plugins and themes used on the site as well. Often, plugins can conflict with each other, or a new security patch or update to one plugin could cause instability on the site. This is why it’s important to always perform a full site backup and then check each plugin for compatibility when performing updates. Sometimes, if a plugin update is not compatible, then the plugin must be patched manually. Let us handle your WordPress plugin updates and site backups. At Holy City Hosting and Design we offer several WordPress maintenance plans and all of them include monthly website backups and WordPress software updates. This ensures that your site stays secure and running as smoothly as possible!

Outdated Plugins & Themes?

Monthly website backups and software updates for only $20!

WordPress Website Security Hardening

Out of the box, WordPress is an incredible platform. It is a platform designed to be versatile and work in many different environments. That is one of the greatest things about the WordPress CMS, however, this is also what makes default installations dangerous. By default, WordPress isn’t very secure and has a long list of settings that need to be altered to ensure hackers don’t obtain access to your backend, and also to keep hack attempts from bogging down your server. Some web hosts will even shut down your site or charge you extra if hackers are trying to obtain access to your site. Our monthly Defense Plan will have us constantly tweaking and adjusting settings to keep the bad guys out. This includes several security hardening measures, malware scans, CloudFlare DDoS protection, and utilizing HackRepairs blacklist and your own personal ban list to permanently block IP addresses of known hackers around the world.

WordPress Security That Works

Our Defense Plan ensures the safety of your data at $75/Month

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Sign up for one of our WordPress maintenance plans and ensure that your site runs quickly, and securely so your viewers have the absolute best experience. Keep your data secure and safe with our WordPress Security Defense plan!