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Everything Your Website Needs

We offer services to meet all of your needs. Whether your business needs a new website, to refresh an old one, small modifications, or you seek to bolster your online presence. Holy City Hosting and Design offers services to put you ahead of the competition!

Charleston Web Design

WordPress + Content Creation + Responsive Design

Holy City Hosting offers modern, responsive, and mobile-friendly web design solutions to meet any of your needs. We will work with your pre existing website, or start completely from scratch, building the site to your exact specifications. Our full service web design packages mean that we take care of everything you need to get started. We offer domain name registration, web hosting, installation and configuration of WordPress or your content management system of choice, and the creation of a custom theme or layout tailored to your needs.

We also offer on-going WordPress maintenance and management services as well. Or we are happy to provide instructions for you on how to manage your website yourself. We use only the latest coding techniques and design trends when building websites, unless you’re into something retro, which is fine with us as well–we’ve been at this for quite some time!


WooCommerce + Shopify

Holy City Hosting and Design has built and manages countless eCommerce websites. Our preferred method of deployment is to first setup the WordPress content management system. This enables you to have a clean and user-friendly backend to control the content of your website. Next we setup WooCommerce to handle the shopping cart and payment functionality of your site. This extends the user-friendly backend of WordPress to allow you to manage your inventory and track your sales. The reason we use WordPress is because it also allows us unhindered access to your website’s source code, thus allowing us the ability to build and modify the design of your website up to your exact specification. The final phase of our eCommerce solution is to built the design of your dreams. We also always include detailed instructions on how to maintain and manage your site yourself.

We also work with the Shopify platform in instances when the client’s budget and product type make more sense for Shopify. We can create fully custom themes for your Shopify store to bring to life your eCommerce dream.

Online Marketing

Charleston SEO + Google Ads + Facebook Ads + LinkedIn

We offer marketing services to fit your budget and demand. Our Charleston SEO services range from building your on-site optimization and ensuring that your site is not only built up to par with modern standards and practices but is also being crawled and indexed properly by search engines. From there we offer off-site SEO services centered primarily around strong link building. This bolsters your web presence in the eyes of search engines which in turn raises your ranking in search engine results.

If your wish is to be on the first page of Google search results immediately, we offer Google Ads Pay Per Click Campaign curation and management as well as Facebook Ads management. This service involves creating and optimizing PPC campaigns and audience to fit your marketing budget to ensure that your website is immediately displaying on the first page of search results for the keywords of your choosing.

Web Hosting

Fast + Secure + Reliable

Our hosting services are tough to beat. Our servers tout a 99.9% uptime and lightening fast speeds all for an unbeatable rate of $50/Year. Unlike larger hosting companies, we don’t have to cram hundreds of websites onto one server. This means that our server’s resources are less consumed and available to meet the demands of your traffic. This also means that our security is significantly tighter. Millions of hackers are attempting to penetrate websites everyday and we have the knowledge and commitment to meet those demands. Holy City Hosting and Design is committed to maintaining secure and stable servers. We even offer malware insurance in the event that a hacker is able to obtain access to your website. We also offer extended back-up insurance to ensure that your website is always backed up to the most up-to-date version in the event that anything should ever go wrong.


HCD&D has the vision and skill to bring your ideas to life. We offer full web design services from building mock-ups and wireframes to bringing life to doodles on napkins. We’ll see your idea complete to fruition.


We have over a decade of experience in developing and deploying web applications and solutions. Where there is a will, there is a way. We love nothing more than a challenge to overcome. 


All of our clients are met with limitless support both during and after the life of a project. We are available 24 hours a day to answer questions, troubleshoot errors, and ensure everything is running smoothly.